Q:  How much are the sessions?
A:  $100 for half hour and $150 for an hour per model.  

Q:  Do you do out calls? 
A:  No our place only.  

Q:  Where you located?
A:  We are located in midtown Manhattan near Grand Central station.  Once you book the appointment, you will be given the exact address.

Q:  Do you offer sex too?
A:  No. It's all about the feet here. This is for foot lovers only and absolutely nothing illegal will go on here.   

Q:  Is this legal?  
A:  Yes!  Find more information here.

Q:  I called a few times but nobody picked up.
A:  There is only one girl on per shift at a time so if she gets booked up she cannot answer the phone. But please leave a message and one of us will get back to you VERY discreetly asap.  

Q:  I call and leave a message and nobody ever calls me back or picks up.  What is going on? 
A:  We blacklist guys who book appointments but don't show up and don't bother calling us to cancel.  We save your contact as "no show".  Be sure to leave us a voicemail apologizing if you have done this and we will consider rebooking.  

We didn't answer your question?
Call us at 347-867-6296